About the Dunn County GOP

The stated purpose of the Republican Party of Dunn County is to unify, under one central organization, the activities of the Republican Party of Dunn County, and to advance in every honorable way fundamental Republican principles and policies, and as a voluntary organization, cooperate and assist in all county, state, and national elections, to the end that our republican form of government, as created under the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin, be preserved for all of the people.

(From the Constitution of the Republican Party of Dunn County)


Chairman – Bill Arndt
Vice Chairman –  George Cassell
Secretary –  Korlee Witzel
Treasurer –  Darwin Anderson

Executive Board

Events – Maripat Krueger

Membership – Diane Rust

Past Chairman – Richard Rust

Webmaster – Mary Dunlap

Dunn County Trump Victory Advisor – John Hofstede